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Posted by e-i-c On December - 12 - 2007

A Who’s-Who and How You Can Reach Them
Illustrated by Dara Gold

Miles Baker
He can be reached at miles (at)

Miles Baker is beginning his journey to become the King of Magazines. Under this title he will wear a crown, hold a scepter, and be adorned in a sash. He will still wear his civilian clothing: brown running shoes, cardigan sweaters, and cords. The crown will assuredly make his hair look funny.

No one is sure what the King of Magazines will actually do.

When not aspiring to royalty, Miles can be found energizing people with long conversations about exciting topics like Captain America, Star Trek, Buffy characters, and hot men who are fictional.

Kerry Freek
Arts Editor
She can be reached at kerry (at)

Strangers like giving treasured artifacts to Kerry. Since 2007 began, she has been the lucky recipient of a decorative glass tomato, a rose made of underwear, a pair of earrings made from lipstick tubes and wall brackets, and a bite-sized New York Times – complete with packing twine.

Jake Shenker
Music Editor
He can be reached at jake (at)

As a kid, Jake once broke both his arms at the same time. As if the double-casts weren’t embarrassment enough, young Jake had to be fed his meals by oddly compliant pre-schoolers. When his injury had mended, Jake vowed that in an effort to remain able-bodied, he would write music articles for MONDO. Miles promised never to break Jake’s arms again.

leo-colourfix_SMLeo Moncel
Film Editor
He can be reached at leo (at)

Leo K. Moncel cut his teeth making comics for MONDO in its print incarnation back in 1901.

In the late 1960’s, he worked as the editor for MONDO’s Cantonese edition for three years before it was discovered he couldn’t read, write or speak the language. Rather than dismiss Leo, they transferred him to edit the film department where his education and desperate enthusiasm for Canadian film would serve well.

The K. stands for Korchynski, not Krunk, as has been asserted on numerous forums.

Dara Gold
She can be reached at dara (at)

Dara Gold is a small female artist type who likes to illustrate and draw comics. She has been working with MONDO for the last two years, has won awards in the past for her political cartoons and at one point was the editor of a small arts and literature magazine. She enjoys a good comic jam, anime, Nintendo, comics and action figures. When not at school or drawing for MONDO she teaches art classes to small children.

Tavishe Coulson
She can be reached at tavishe (at)

Having being born much like a canon fires from a pirate ship, Tavishe was bound to have an inimitable view of the world. Her dabbling into the world of imagery began before she was strong enough to lift a camera. Being born into an artistic family Tavishe grew up knowing Van Gogh, Pollock, and Goya like other children knew peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Today, Tavishe smears her life on an electronic canvas – photography and graphic arts her enslavement.

Katherine Chung
Copy Editor

Katherine is committed to our copy.

Brianne DiAngelo
Copy Editor

Brianne knows about italics.

Past Editors Hall of Fame, Fortune, Fandom



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