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Preview: TO Sketchfest: Sketch Com-Ageddon

Posted by art On June - 15 - 2011

By Meagan Snyder

November is a long way away. Thank goodness. None of us even want to THINK about November, right? The snow may have started falling. The Christmas (yeah, I said it) ads will definitely have started jingling. Those of us who may or may not be teachers will be gearing up for report card season and facing the long, long, incredibly long did I mention long tunnel of multiple thousands of days before summer vacation. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the ONE GOOD THING about November is TO Sketchfest. For five glorious nights, Torontonians will be able to forget about the potential snow and definite endless schooldays applicable to everyone as they take in the best sketch comedy the city has to offer. I bet now you’re cursing the very gods that sent this beautiful, beautiful summer that stretches out before us, forcing us to enjoy every moment of it before cruel November comes our way. Well, guess what? November’s come early this year, kids.

From June 14-18, TO Sketchfest presents its fourth annual sketch comedy competition, Sketch Com-Ageddon. Over the course of the competition, taking place at Comedy Bar, 48 sketch troupes will perform their best sketches in the hopes of being selected by either the competition’s judges or their audience to move on to the semi-finals on June 17, and then the finals on June 18. There are two shows per night during the preliminary round of the competition from the 14-16, featuring eight troupes per show. There are also two shows on the night of the semi-finals, featuring the 12 recipients of golden tickets in the preliminaries. The final show on June 18 will feature the four troupes selected to move on from the semi-finals. I encourage you to read more details about the format and see the complete schedule here, mostly because I don’t know about competitive sports so will undoubtedly overcomplicate this website’s very clear and simple explanation.

Speaking of competition, insert here the acknowledgement of the fact that comedy is subjective, and potentially shouldn’t be judged at all. Sure. Fair enough. However, Sketch Com-Ageddon will allow me to see the best sketches from the best troupes in Toronto, troupes such as Ladystache, The Raisin Gang, The Adjective Nouns, Touch My Stereotype, and last year’s champs, Smells Like the 80s. So I’m not sweating it. So to speak.

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