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The Little Black Dress at the Rivoli

Posted by MUSIC_Jake On January - 10 - 2010

The Little Black Dress live at the Rivoli

By Sara Starkman

A little black dress is every girl’s “must have,” up-to-date item positioned at the front of her closet. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but regardless, it’s a timeless piece, never forgotten. And no matter what, you know it will always look just so damn good. It’s no surprise then, that the band The Little Black Dress chose this to be their name. Opening for another Toronto-based band at Queen Street’s well-known hotspot, the Rivoli, The Little Black Dress stole my ears for an hour in time.

I came in mildly skeptical, as I am of most new bands. Call me a music snob, or a skeptic at large, but regardless, any cynicism I had towards this new band was washed away within minutes. Surrounded by sweater vests, scruffy beards, and studded belts, the crowd had a very upbeat, granola, hipster vibe to it. The warmth that emanated from the venue floated just above the heads of the musicians and audience, who knew almost all of the words to every song played. At first, I was shocked at how large of a following there was. However, it became progressively clearer, as did the amount of talent that The Little Black Dress encompasses. Dan Sadowski, the band’s lead singer, announced at the beginning of the concert that he was feeling somewhat ill, as he proceeded to guzzle a bottle of honey. Even under the weather, though, his voice remained strong: neither guttural, nor nasal, Dan’s voice was audibly delicious, reminding me a lot of Bradley Nowell of Sublime. The songs themselves sounded like a cross between Sublime and Maroon 5.

The pulse of the band, however, was drummer Lewis Spring, who took each song to a new level. The chemistry between the band members, musically and performance-wise, was clear to see, yet, the drums unmistakably brought each rhythm and melody together cohesively and flawlessly. This being said, the other musicians in the band did not disappoint, and all played a large role in the energy that radiated from the stage and among the crowd.

My favourite song of the night, “Paparazzi,” oozed catchiness the minute the beat dropped, giving the audience a peek at what could clearly be hit single material. With an edgy rock’n’roll vibe, their song “Rouge” was a crowd pleaser and had my hips swaying, my hands clapping, and my mind briefly — and secretly — wishing I had red hair.

Targeting a pop meets rock’n’roll meets ska market, The Little Black Dress seems to have found a clever niche for breaking into the biz. With a solid batch of original songs and stage talent galore, the potential for the band is plentiful. And just like the name, The Little Black Dress will surely be a must-have item, never forgotten, and will always look just so damn good!

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