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Fan Expo Day 3 Highlights

Posted by Comics On August - 30 - 2009

I kinda feel like I’ve spent my entire life at Fan Expo at this point. My life before it kinda seems like a distant fairy tale. That’s both a good and bad thing. Three days of con is a lot of con.

  1. Marvel Super Hero Squad. This is super cute. Joe Quesada screened two episodes of the forthcoming Super Hero Squad cartoon. First they showed the pilot, which was screened in San Diego this year, and then episode four, which had never been shown to an audience Basically it’s a manic kid-centred adventure with lots of fart jokes — and it’s a lot of fun. All the characters are drawn in an adorable manner — you never want to go back to menacing Dr. Doom after seeing this — and the plots do not take themselves seriously. There are lots of great jokes for the adults in there too, especially if you know your Marvel a bit. Highlight: Thor saying “So say we all” as a clear nod to the BSG fans.
  2. Sunday Conversation with Dan Didio. I figured I should probably cover at least one non-Marvel comic panel and the only one I could fit in was Didio’s conversation with the fans. Basically, it’s a really nice fan out reach panel where Didio asks the attendees why they love comics, what gets them excited, what pisses them off. He shared stories about his own fandom, as well as some of the best stories he’s heard other creators tell. Highlight: Didio challenged the room to name five Aquaman villains and the room failed.
  3. Marvel Your Universe. Same thing just a different flavour, C.B. Cebulski admitted that Your Universe was borrowed from the Didio’s conversation panel and, you won’t hear this often from me, but DC did it better. Didio stood in the crowd,  directing the conversation, brining a lot of energy to the room. The Marvel staff sat behind a table and that was pretty much it. And, after hearing about them all weekend, I’d had my fill of talking about Alpha Flight. Highlight: a lot of people laughed when I made the observation that Canada is one of the more evil nations in the Marvel Universe — we’re constantly experimenting on Mutants.
  4. Mondo Marvel. I was going to skip this panel but there was promise of Runaways news and, I mean, check out the name of the panel — I had to go. There was a Runaways-like announcement in the form of what the current creative team of Runaways (Kathryn Immonen and Sarah Pichelli) are working a new X-Men series, X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back. It’s an all-young X-Ladies title that looks like a positive response to Marvel Divas. Actually sounds like it could be really good even though I’m not a big fan of the Pixie character. They also announced more Ender’s Game comics, a second Pet Avengers series, and a mini-series about a minor Spider-Man character, Jackpot. That last one I might pick up because it could be really good. Highlight: Quesada for the millionth time explains why he broke up the Spidey/MJ marriage and doesn’t loose his cool. Impressive.
  5. Shopping. I finally got some shopping in the the week I picked up Transmetropolitan vol 1 (new edition), Thunderbolts: Faith in Monsters, Mike Carey’s God Save the Queen, Madame Xanadu vol 1, all of Crossing Midnight, Invincible Iron Man vol 1, and Annihilation Conquest Book 2. Nine books for slightly over a hundred smackers isn’t bad.


  1. Isaac says:

    I do love how evil Canada is, in fact I wish they explored that more in the comics. Maybe the next big crossover should be “Canada Attacks!”… where Atlantis failed, will Canada succeed?!?

    Augh, I can only think of two Aquaman villains, but even then I’m blanking on the one dudes name… it’s Aquaman’s evil brother Orm, but I forget if he goes by something else or not… but come one, I bet Aquaman isn’t exactly best buds with those piranhas that ate his hand, right? That’s pretty weird now that I think about it, the story better have had his fish telepathy cancelled out or something, because in Aquaman’s place I would definitly said “Don’t eat my hand!” Or maybe he’s the one who TOLD them to eat his hand…

  2. Caesar says:

    Black Manta, Orm/Ocean Master, and Piranha are the only three I can think of, unless you count industrial pollution. Isaac, I’m pretty sure the guy who commanded those piranhas to eat Aquaman’s hand was called, creatively, Piranha.

    Hm, just looked him up, says his name is Charybdis but was later renamed Piranha Man, so I guess I’m kinda right. Other Aquaman villains of note: The Fisherman, which I feel stupid for not at least taking a guess at because his name makes him sound like the enemy of all fish so it only makes sense, and…you know what, I’ve barely heard of any of these people. O.G.R.E agents? The Scavenger? Marine Marauder? Piscator? Kordax? Looks like Aquaman needs a rogues gallery.

  3. Jordan says:

    You know what’s a natural fit? King Shark.
    The theme for ALL of Aquaman’s baddies could be “aquatic rulers”

    but no, I think Superboy’s got dibs!

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